A downloadable module

Originally an idea for National Game Design Month 2021 / NaGaDeMon, Goblin Adventure Solitaire is an attempt to turn the concept of a tabletop RPG set in a labyrinth, and simplify it into a card game format that plays like a casual roguelike. If you have played Chainsaw Warrior or Munchkin, this should feel similar.

The drawings are by me, with some creature ideas and illustrations suggested by playtesters and others.

The cards are intended to be designed in a way where, even without reading the rule book, they can serve as a form of inspiration or play with one's own rules.

I plan to continue playtesting and refining this, with the help of playtesters who will be credited, and prepare modules for the following engines:

  • Tabletop Simulator (v0.01 deck fronts available for download above)
  •  Tabletopia
  • VASSAL Engine
  • Physical version (if there is enough interest and sponsorship after enough playtesting, refinement, and expansion )

I'm far from done with this game. It's attracted interest in concept, and I want to work on the prototype and produce a product that meets that interest and hope.

I also want to work on writing descriptions and visions better.


GAS Tabletop Simulator Assets and Instruction Book v0-01.rar 1 MB